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Tips - Logon Script to Log On to Multiple Hosts with SecureCRT

Logon Script to Log On to Multiple Hosts with SecureCRT® A developer at a telcommunications firm submitted this scripting tip which logs on to multiple hosts using a common password. The script also allows him to easily change passwords on the dozens of sessions he has to manage. This script can be used with SecureCRT for Windows.

Session Options/Connection/Logon Actions - SecureCRT ...

The following is an example script that will instruct Secure CRT to listen for the logon prompt " Logon> " and respond with the username " johnsmith " when the prompt is received. Secure CRT will then listen for " Password> " and respond to it with " way2easy ".

Logon Script - VanDyke Software Forums

I am not sure where you have been looking but we do include some simple logon script examples in SecureCRT's installation directory (in the Scripts subfolder). They are VB Script examples but easily converted if you just want a simple logon script:

login script for secure crt? — The IT Networking Community

In the SecureCRT session options create a session that is named R1 and then under the session options select this login script file. Create additional scripts for R2 - SW4 along with additional SecureCRT sessions just changing the username from "rsrack1r1" to "rsrack1r2" "rsrack1r3" etc. Save all the scripts in the same directory.

Another login script - SecureCRT v6.x - SessionLogin.vbs ...

Another login script - SecureCRT v6.x - SessionLogin.vbs Scripting. I know that there are many login scripts available out on the web and in this forum for use with SecureCRT I just thought I would share mine with the community.

SecureCRT - VanDyke

Example Scripts for SecureCRT ® for Windows. The following scripts written in VBScript JScript and PerlScript are examples of how to perform specific tasks using the script execution capabilities of SecureCRT for Windows. They can also be used as a guide to writing your own scripts.

How to log everything with SecureCRT - CiscoZine

Unlike my technical articles about configurations protocols and so on in this tutorial I will explain how to log automatically all SecureCRT sessions. For those that are unaware SecureCRT is one of the best SSH/telnet client. The question is "why save everything?" In my opinion a good approach to work with many devices (network security …) is to save […]

GitHub - jamiecaesar/securecrt-tools: SecureCRT scripts ...

AFTER connecting and logging into a device with SecureCRT go to the Scripts menu and select "Run" Choose the script you want to run (that starts with 's_') The script looks for your settings.ini file. If this file doesn't exist (and it won't the first time you run one of these scripts) the script will create the file.

GitHub - schumi2004/SecureCRT-Cisco-Script: Python script ...

SecureCRT-Cisco-Script Python script created to login to Cisco switches using SecureCRT and read information from them it then writes some configuration back. Before it does any changes it saves the running config to a TFTP server I assigned in case of any issues during update.

VBScript samples / SecureCRT - VbsEdit

Sample scripts SecureCrt. Download securecrt.tlb type library. Automates setting the DISPLAY shell variable to enable remote display of X clients. Automates setting the LINES and COLUMNS shell variables for terminal environments where these variables are not set properly. Connect using the telnet protocol and automate login.